Our Inspirations

Many thanks for all the inspiration, scones, keyboards, shepherd’s pie, harps, knowledge, microphones, sound systems, community, and support! 

With you, we are strong and happy!

Please support the artists that support us by visiting their websites. 

Marc Gunn’s Irish and Celtic Music Podcast

An award-winning Celtic radio show featuring Irish & Celtic music. Marc features independent artists, so there are lots of unique styles and sounds.

AmeriCeltic Newsletter

Is a user-supported, non-profit service organization whose mission is to restore awareness celebrate and preserve the culture and history of Celtic Americans by promoting live Celtic music, festivals, history & ancestry, as well as report and comment on related current events.

Jeffrey Chappell

World-reknowned classical and jazz pianist, composer, teacher, and performer. If you are curious about anything music, check out Jeffrey’s webpage. It’s a musician’s goldmine!


Between Lynda and Verlene, we have lovingly owned seven Tripletts. So much gratitude for the craft, location, and Deb!

The Celtic Tea Shoppe

From handmade sausage rolls, meat pies, vegetarian pies, liquor, and tea cakes, caramels as well as traditional Christmas Puddings and an entire line of handcrafted, gourmet goodies, our friends Kristen and Dean do it all deliciously and can entertain you with song throughout!

Sweetwater Music

There are plenty of places to get music gear, but we prefer Sweetwater because we each have our own personal assistant who helps us out with questions. Lynda's is Russ, and Verlene's is Kyle! When we need something super quick, Russ or Kyle makes it happen and communicates with us through the whole process. As a bonus, you get a small bag of candy with every Sweetwater order! Sweet!

KKUP Radio Cupertino

Lark in the Morning with Greg Winslow. Friday mornings at 10 am Also, Friday Folk Off with Dave Stafford often features live groups – at 3:00 pm

Harper’s Hall

Monthly gatherings to learn, play together, and share your love of the Celtic Harp! Harper’s Hall is where Verlene and Lynda became friends!

Women of Substance Podcast

Featuring music by women musicians and songwriters

The Session

A resource for Celtic lead sheets.