E-Press Kit

One-Sheet, High-Resolution Photos, Song List, Stage Map, and more downloads available below.

Genres We cover

Traditional Celtic Instrumentals

Jigs, Reels, Airs, Polkas, Waltzes, Slipjigs… 

Traditional Celtic Vocals

Dirty Old Town, Star of the County Down, Suil a Ruin, She Moved through the Fair…

Modern Celtic from these artists

Mary Black, Bachue, Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Leahy…

Rock and Blues from these artists

Coldplay, Patti Smith, White Stripes, Blackmore’s Night, Nightwish, Taylor Swift… 

Sea Shanties

The Wellerman’s Jig, Drunken Sailor…

Movie and TV Soundtracks

Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Outlander, Game of Thrones, Braveheart… 


From Verlene, Lynda, and Alison… 

Comedic and Audience Participation

Rattlin’ Bog, Whiskey in the Jar, Beer, Beer, Beer, Little Red Riding Hood…

Stage Map

Fan Quotes

"Don't let the black bustiers and leather mislead you, these ladies can put down a really tight set of reels, jigs, and slides, as well as knock it out of the park with heart-wrenching songs and ballads."
“Gaelic Muses are really fun and sound fantastic! They would make a great addition to nearly any event you might have in mind. Always responsive and easy to schedule. Check them out, You won’t be disappointed!”
Frank Adessa
Owner of Lilly Mac’s Irish Restaurant and Pub in Sunnyvale, CA
“I really appreciate the quality of musicianship shown by the ladies of Gaelic Muses. The diversity of instruments (violins, keyboard, harp, Swedish nyckelharpa, recorders, and guitars) and vocals are very impressive and beautiful. Their music blends together very nicely. I always look forward to hearing their music. Thanks!”
Jay Steele
Pianist and Accompanist
"Gaelic Muses is like the Swiss Army Knife of folk music instruments!"
Bren Dorsay
I’ve heard Gaelic Muses perform maybe seven times and have always been impressed. Usually, I listen to classical music. Haydn’s “Creation" is probably my favorite piece of all time. Sometimes you have a feeling you’re getting a ride through the forest with classical music, but for clear poetic imagery, you can’t beat the Gaelic Muses. Sometimes it seems like a bird soaring in the sky; other times, morning in a garden, or evening by a lake, or dancing in a warm, crowded pub. But there’s definitely something multi-sensory going on here. They “pronounce" their music, enunciating each phrase with earnestness. You can’t help but feel something. That’s what makes every piece come alive. Thanks for sharing your gifts! Your love for music and your audience is obvious.