And the music filled the forest and the people in it

with beauty, and energy, and love….. lmn

our story

Gaelic Muses came together as a band in 2014 in San Jose, California. With Lynda MacNeil (piano, guitar, harp, vocals), Catherine Borst (fiddle), and Alison Kline (recorders). We met through another band, Celtic Soul, a very active band led by local musician Daryl Patrick. When Celtic Soul retired as a band, we wanted to continue the fun of making music together, and so Gaelic Muses was born.

We had a unique, creative approach to our music from the start. By combining modern songs with traditional tunes and playing movie soundtracks with Celtic themes, we offer listeners a distinctly Celtic, but not solely traditional, experience. 

By 2022, Catherine decided to take a break from the band. She still supports us, and we support her with love. She will forever be our “Celtic Princess.”  

We contacted Verlene Schermer, a Bay-area music professional, friend, and colleague, to see if she might be interested in making music together. As they say, the rest is history!

Verlene brings much to the band. Instruments, vocals, music business skills, songwriting, and publishing. We are thrilled to be making music together with her.

Besides playing two recorders at once, Alison now also plays fiddle and guitar and keeps the beat with the Wazinator.

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The Gaelic Muses are a spirited bunch with a repertoire ranging from Celtic classics to well-known movie theme songs and more. The range of talent these musicians have is evident by how easily each member can toggle between instruments - or even play two at the same time! This group has personality, and these musicians will certainly bring joy to any audience. Trust me when I say that you are guaranteed to have a “howling” good time!

Alex Langston

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